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Opera Matters

The Newsletter of the Thames Opera Company

August 2023

  • Chat from the Chair

  • The Year Ahead

  • Welcome to the Team Alex Godfree!

  • A Chorus where we can all belong - Ian Skelly's film about TOC

April 2023

  • Chat from the Vice-chair - last term's round-up

  • Termly member donations: new pay-in details

  • Coming up...

  • FOCUS ON: The Chorus of the Scottish Refugees

  • Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories

  • Poetry Corner - a poem for Refugee Week

  • An invitation from Matt Lane

  • Summer Term 2023: Calendar

Image by Jez Timms

October 2022

  • Chat from the Chair

  • A Christmas Carol(ling)

  • Some sad news

  • Our new logo

Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 00.02.09.png

September 2022

  • Chat from the Chair - welcome back!

  • The Year Ahead

  • Can You Handel It? Handel, Hanover and a priest called Zadok

April 2022

Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 19.31.33.png

April 2022

  • Chat from the Chair

  • News - What's been happening?

  • Subs - Everything you wanted to know about how to pay.

  • Attend the tale - The story of Sweeney Todd and the worst pies in London.

Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 19.35.52.png

August 2021

  • Chat from the Chair - An intro from Matt Smith

  • Meet our patron - Introducing the one and only Roderick Williams

  • Read all about it - What's been happening at TOC?

  • Gone Fishing - Allen Jones in search of Benjamin Britten


May 2021

  • FUNdraising - Get involved in our first fundraising drive

  • All That Jazz - Gangsters, Nazis and opera (the true story behind Chicago)

  • Calling All Artists!

Concert men.jpg

April 2021

  • What's been happening (and why O.P.E.R.A matters)?

  • The Road Ahead...

  • Opera Natters

Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 20.01.18.png

February 2021

  • What's Going On?

  • Your Chorus Needs YOU!

  • Coming Up Next Month

  • Get In Touch


December 2020

  • Letter from Allen Jones, interim Chair

  • Profile: Matt Lane, nominated external Trustee

  • What's going on with Subcommittees? When can we get involved?

  • Singing Session Fees update

  • It's a Cracker!

  • What you need to do now...

Rememberance day.jpg

November 2020

  • What did we get up to on Sunday?

  • Singing from the same Hymn Sheet

  • Wishes for the new Chorus

  • What's Next for the Chorus?

  • Other chorus news: Singing Sessions, ROH Refunds, Interim Directors

  • What exactly do we all need to DO?

  • Chorus Memories

  • We Need Your Contributions!

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