About Thames Opera

Thames Opera Company was created in late 2020 by members of the former Royal Opera House Thurrock Community Chorus (ROHTCC). Founded in 2011, The 130-strong ROHTCC was a much loved group of Thurrock residents who came together to sing and to perform opera and other music. The Chorus was renowned for its high standards and would regularly perform fully staged works in 8 part harmony at the Royal Opera House, Milton Court, Tilbury Terminal, the Southbank Centre and other prestigious venues. It was drawn from a very diverse range of people from all walks of life, with a variety of experience and knowledge, from complete novices to experienced performers. Sadly, because of funding cuts caused by the Covid Pandemic, the Royal Opera House had to withdraw their funding for the community programme, and Thames Opera Company was born in its place.

The new company seeks to carry forward and build on the wonderful legacy of the former ROHTCC and bring the joy of opera and choral music to both our existing audiences and new ones. We are passionate about enabling everyone no matter what their background is to participate in opera and celebrate the art of performing and singing.

Thames Opera Company has an ambitious and diverse repertoire comprising mostly opera, and usually performing pieces fully staged and in the original language. We are very friendly, open and  committed group and each member is passionate about singing and making a difference in their local community.

·     No previous singing experience is required – the chorus is open to all

·     There is no audition

·     There is no requirement to sing alone or to read music

Thames Opera Company embodies a joyous and diverse spirit, and invites you to join them on their vibrant musical journey. Contact Thames Opera for more information, how to join, and to find out where we will be performing next.